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CRUSHIN' Toilet Spray

CRUSHIN' Toilet Spray

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Please girl, we can see you are totally crushin’ for this scent. You’ll use any excuse just to use this spray every day. Fall majorly, totally, butt crazy in love with sparkling pears, lemon drops, golden honey and red lollipops! Your hair will be so big, it’s full of secrets!

WHAT IT DOES: Doodie Spray forms a scent layer on top of the water that traps any unwanted smells from escaping.

TO USE: Shake bottle. Spritz 1-2 sprays into the toilet bowl. Proceed to doodie as usual.

Pro Tip: Carry one in your purse for emergencies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Jenn RW
Can't live without this!

The toilet sprays are a must have. They work wonders, and I am in love with the CRUSHIN' scent.

Allison Hale

One of my favorite products! I love this line and wish it would make a comeback!

Sniff sniff

I love having this around. It makes my bathroom smell good. I will use it even if I don't go number two lol

It works wonders

I love that I can tolerate this scent to cover up the bad ones. It is a fun product to use.

A must have in my house

So, I ran out of this a while back and I'm very much missing it. In a house full of men (there are 5 of them) this stuff is a literal MUST have!!!! Have you ever walked into your bathroom after one of your teenage sons just gets done and get hit in the face with the grossest smell ever? Well if you haven't consider yourself lucky 😆 but if you have then you know just how awful that can be. If you happen to have this product on hand you can crush that smell in a matter of an instant with just a few sprays!! As for the scent of this particular spray, I love it! I am a long time FCS customer and all of the scents from the OG mean girls line are so fetch!! This one just happens to be a favorite so win win for me!

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