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CYO Color-Safe Shampoo

CYO Color-Safe Shampoo

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Choose one of our tried and true blends or create your own custom masterpiece. The sky's the limit!  Here's how it works…

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  • 1. Add a CYO Product to your shopping cart
  • 2. Use the drop-down boxes to choose up to three scents, starting with the one you want to smell the most, and so on. If you only want one scent, you'll need to choose the "No Scent" option for two and three. 
  • 3. You have the option to write your custom blend name in the text box or skip this step if it's not needed. (Please note, for multiple products, you'll need to do steps 1- 3 for each one)
  • 4. It's quite a process to make all these, so we wait until the event is over and then make them all at once. 

Please note: Your custom masterpiece will have a handwritten label on it (feel free to give your custom blend it's own unique name!) and may take up to 4-6 weeks to hand-make and fill - thank you for your patience! If you order any other products along with your CYO, they will all ship together, once your CYO is complete. 

    It's quite a process to make all these, so we wait until the promo is over and then make them all at once. If you order any other products along with your CYO, they will all ship together, once your CYO is complete so be sure to place separate orders if you need stock items sooner. Don't worry,  if there's a problem we will do our best to fix it. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    FCS is the only business that I know of that has CREATE YOUR OWN products! I love being able to get products in my favorite FCS scents that weren't available in the monthly box launches.

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    Love This

    First of all, I love that FCS has a color safe shampoo. My red hair benefits very much. But I love the CYO so I can use the scents that I think will make a delicious shampoo. Light seemed perfect for this.

    Great Shampoo!

    I've switched to using only FCS shampoos and conditioners. Love doing the CYO to get the shampoo in scents that weren't offered, or try a scent I've always wanted to! The shampoo is great and leaves my hair feeling clean, but not stripped.

    Robyn W.

    I love being able to customize the scents of my products and the shampoo works great for my hair.

    Always love CYOs

    CYOs are the best! I wasn't a fan of these weird, tall bottles. I know it's due to covid but a disclaimer somewhere would be helpful to help us prepare. It also took more than a month, which I'm sure was also due to supply issues, but I had planned on one as a gift and that's happened twice this year. :( We just need to plan better until things become balanced again. The scents are good but I would've loved just regular shampoo since it costs less and I don't need color safe products. We'd planned for CYO All Things Hair for months and I kept bumping my list and then when it arrived it wasn't normal shampoo so I cut my list in less than half.

    Hi Sara,

    Sorry about the bottles, that is indeed down to apply issues which sucks for us too as we would love to have used our normal bottles.

    The colour safe shampoo is our normal shampoo, we have been making it for a while now, sorry for any confusion!

    Also just an FYI our CYO events normally take us about 4-6 weeks to fully complete as it takes us a while to hand make each product.

    We hope you loved the items you got and we appreciate your review! We will try to make things more clear on the product pages going forward

    XOXO FCS Fairies

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