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CYO Scent Diffuser

CYO Scent Diffuser

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We all have those discontinued FCS scents that haunt us...for the next 72-hours, stock up on all your past faves or customize your very own signature scent.

Enjoy this diffuser in your home, car, closet or office for a little personal touch to your surroundings. Perfect for school or work lockers!

Step 1: unscrew the wood lid
Step 2: Remove the plastic plug and discard
Step 3: fill with your favorite fragrance oil/perfume oil/essential oil
Step 4: replace the wood lid
Step 5: turn bottle over and allow the fragrance to soak into the wood lid.

Anytime you want the smell to be stronger, turn it over and shake it.

I have mine hanging from my rearview mirror in my car. Even with four kids it still makes my whole car smell amazing!

Glass bottle holds 7mls/.25oz of oil.

Choose one of our tried and true blends or create your own custom masterpiece.  Here's how it works…

FCS Scent Master List -->

Surprise Me! Master List -->

  • 1. Add a CYO to your shopping cart
  • 2. Use the drop-down boxes to choose up to three scents, starting with the one you want to smell the most, and so on. If you only want one scent, you'll need to choose the "No Scent" option for two and three. 
  • 3. You have the option to write your custom blend name in the text box or skip this step if it's not needed. (Please note, for multiple products, you'll need to do steps 1- 3 for each one)
  • 4. It's quite a process to make all these, so we wait until the event is over and then make them all at once. 

Please note: Your custom masterpiece will have a handwritten label on it (feel free to give your custom blend it's own unique name!) and may take up to a month to hand-make and fill -- thank you in advance for your patience! If you order any other products along with your CYO, they will all ship together, once your CYO is complete. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Love these!!

Love we can pick any scent!!

Sandy Claws

Loved being able to create whatever scent I wanted. Sandy Claws smells AMAZING.


Loved being able to create whatever scent I wanted. Zero smells AMAZING.

What's This?

Loved being able to create whatever scent I wanted. What’s This? smells AMAZING.


Loved being able to create whatever scent I wanted. Swankified smells AMAZING.

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