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Pamper Me Bath Tea (2 oz, Set of 3)

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Soak Your Day Away with a Large Calming Chamomile and Green Tea So your boss has just informed you that you are fired your child is sick and your aunt has informed you that's she's moving in _ that sounds like quite a day doesn't it? Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to melt your day right off of your back? There is! Fortune Cookie Soap Bath Teas are the answer and specifically Egyptian Chamomile with Green Tea! Just boil five minutes on the stove (for full benefit) and dump the whole pot of tea in your bath water, lean back and inhale _ deeply. Your day will melt away as soon as you take in the calming effects of these two teas. Do not use if allergic to chamomile (or any plant in daisy family)

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