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Entire Candy Aisle Perfume Oil Set

Entire Candy Aisle Perfume Oil Set

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Collectors Edition Set of all 8 scents in perfume oils, perfect for wearing or blending into our NAKED products. Limited Stock.

1.5 Dram Rollerball

Vegan handcrafted perfume oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Some of the scents blew me away. They reminded me of being a kid and indulging in all types of candies. Most were a home run with me, but I couple weren't my favorite. But that's only because I'm particular with certain scents. All in all though, a great collection!


These scents are all amazing!! I only wish they were available all the time or there were more of them - love them all!

Awesome Scents!

These are great, sweet scents. I found that the Rock Your Socks off has the most staying power of the bunch, and for me the Lemon Drop it Like It's Hot has the least staying power. I love that FCS gives opportunities to get these as a set, so I can expand my horizons and try scents I wouldn't have necessarily picked out on my own but ended up loving-such as Lick Your Lips.

Candy Isle

I love that I can get all my previous favorites in a whole collection at a fraction of the price.

So Happy!

The Candy Aisle line was the first FCS quarterly box I received and I was nothing short of amazed with it when I received it three years ago (no way!) and needless to say I was just as happy and excited with it coming back again! I had to buy all the perfume oils so I could get to experience the whole thing all over again! Such amazing, amazing scents. Like living in the best candy store ever!

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