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FATHER CHRISTMAS Carpet Deodorizer

FATHER CHRISTMAS Carpet Deodorizer

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He’s come at last! The witch may have kept him out for a long time, but our carpet deodorizer has come at long last -- with a chilly blast of winter air blowing through blue juniper brush, dusted with frosty snow and hints of iced vanilla cupcakes.


Multiple uses...

For carpet, area rugs and cars: Sprinkle powder on carpet, let sit for a few minutes, then vacuum.

For fresh smelling shoes: Sprinkle a little inside shoes and let sit overnight.

Ingredients: Sodium Borate, Sodium Bicarbonate, & Fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I love the FCS Carpet Deos, they make your room smell so lovely!

Jeremy Nowakowski
Carpet fresh

Love the carpet fragrance. I wish these came is gigantic bottle. Lovely scent my carpets smell great!

a bit disappointing :(

i was reallllly looking forward to trying a carpet deodorizer.. and the lions breath one sold out while it was in my cart, so i got this one. im not completely fond of the scent but this season i somehow acquired like 5 father xmas products lol. i vacuumed my carpet a bit to clean it , then i tried sprinkling this but the bottle isnt very practical so i ended up squeezing the bottle and having powder shoot out everywhere and i totally coated my carpet and left it for way longer than an hour or two even.. (fell asleep :P ) and after i vacuumed it up again i was hoping to get a trace of the smell but i didnt really notice any difference... im hoping to try the laundry detergent to see how it works

Mara Kijanovic
good but scent didnt last

i was excited to try this.. but was a little disappointed. the bottle made it really hard to sprinkle.. i had to squeeze the bottle and kinda make it shoot out lol and i totally covered my carpet with it.. left it for like an hour an vacuumed it all up and didnt really notice a difference :(

Tiffany W.
Scent lasts a day!

I had been looking all over for this kind of product when I found it here on the FCS website. I had been looking for it because my carpet smells like my dogs. Now I can use this deodorizer and the scent lasts about a whole day so I can vacuum the night before I have company and still have a fresh home the next day. Another perk is the vacuum bag smells great the next time I use it!

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