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G'DAY MATE Entire Collection

G'DAY MATE Entire Collection

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Save $10.88 when you purchase the entire G'DAY MATE Collection. limited stock.  

KANGA Room Spray: KANGA-ROOm spray...get it? I want one. Wild and exotic, this fragrance is a combination of red hibiscus, aloe vera leaf, and ripe blackberries mingle with notes of apple, and melon.

CRIKEY! Dunny Spray: A surprisingly good blend of golden honey delicately drizzled over sweet almonds. Go on, give it a go. ;)

DOWN UNDER Bath Bomb: Down unda? Does anyone else say that with an Aussie accent? It just sounds SO much cooler!!! 
A warm blend of cashmere wood surrounds the floralcy, while sensual undertones of musk and golden amber soften the scent from down unda mixed with a goon bag of fresh apricot wine intertwined with rich brandy.

OUTBACK Body Polish: Get to all those remote nooks and crannies with this Aussie approved body polish. A distinctive bright citrus blend with a zesty punch of tart kumquat, juicy tropical pineapple, and sun-warmed green leafy vines. 

KOOLAH Candle XL: Awwwwww it’s just so cute!!!!! A revitalizing blend of rosemary, fresh garden herbs, and mint. eucalyptus, sage, spearmint, and lavender. 

FAIRY BREAD Exfoliating Body Wash: Ok, we NEED to talk about fairy bread. Ummmm where has this been all my life?? Sweet, creamy coconut with hints of warm vanilla and exotic musk. A deliciously light and creamy scent of fluffy white whipped cream, subtly enhanced with the sweetness of vanilla.

FAIR DINKUM OCD Hand Sanitizer:  *adds this phrase to my daily vocab* Hehe. Seriously?? Seriously! A light, refreshing blend of cool, watery cucumber and fresh spearmint are touched with hits of geranium and neroli. 

WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YA? Aloe Me Whipped Cream: It’s a scorcher! Grab your bathers, budgie smuggler, and thongs and hit the beach with waves of pineapple, frozen cyclamen & fresh coconut water, vanilla and musk. Smells like: Shimmering notes of sunkissed citrus and sea salt mist amid the world's largest living coral reef.  

G’DAY MATE Script Soap: Notes of sea salt air, lemon sugar and shaved coconut blend with plumeria blossoms and seagrass. 

SHEILA Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner: I’m not gonna lie, I had to phone a friend on this one (shout out to Penny and Maya <3) I hope I did y’all proud. Our Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner will tone your skin with the refreshing, herbal, earthy aroma of tea tree. Tea tree essential oil, and jojoba oil work together to keep skin clear by helping to prevent blemishes and blackheads while controlling excess oil. 

Customer Reviews

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Was amazed with this special, heartful colleciton, all the scents were amazing!


Beautiful omage to Australia and sooo nice they helped out with the bushfires/animals by raising money! love all the products in this box- THANK YOU FCS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

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Adorable collection and great cause!

The super cute koalas sold me on this collection, in addition to the fact that proceeds go to a wonderful cause! This was probably the most varied collection of scents that I've ever had from FCS. Koolah was the favorite of my entire family, from the kiddo to the hubs, and Kanga was a close 2nd! We never all agree on scents lol ;) Koolah smells almost identical to a stress relief eucalyptus spearmint type scent. Kanga is difficult to describe but is the perfect scent for a room/linen spray.


This is a great collection of fresh, lightly scented products for a great cause. The OCD is probably my favorite, but all are great!

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