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GET A GRAVE! Shower Steamers

GET A GRAVE! Shower Steamers

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Too late, bonebag! A drop-dead ghoulish fragrance with notes of fresh bergamot and orange peel, sliced apple, ground pepper and light jasmine intertwine with warm patchouli, sweet musk and exotic woody notes that will make you feel spitefully spooky!

Set of 3

TO USE: For maximum results take a hot, steamy shower. Unwrap & toss the shower fizzy on the floor to the back of your shower, out of the stream of water. You want it to slowly fizz during your shower, rather than quickly run down your drain. It's like your personal little aromatherapy room, the steamier the better!

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Calcium Sulfate, Blue Lavender and Palmarosa Essential Oils, Fragrance, Sweet Almond Oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I love fcs shower steamers. I prefer shower steamers that are more eucalyptus or minty rather than floral and these are amazing. They smell like Christmas trees. Definitely an amazing scent and a great shower steamer

Best out there

FCS makes the best shower steamers I have ever tried. HIGHLY scented. Bought some from other retailers and a local farmers market and they lose their scent before I even use them. These are the real deal.

Earthy scent

I tried it today and the smell was heavenly inside the shower. I used a small portion of it but the smell is still really strong and slightly energizing but that could just be me.

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