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GIGGLE WATER Dual Phase Perfume

GIGGLE WATER Dual Phase Perfume

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Laugh out loud and giggle with joy as a cocktail of aged bourbon, red delicious apple, and spice brings true merrymaking to your new favorite dual phase perfume.


HOW IT WORKS: An aromatic finisher to your daily routine and sets the tone for the rest of your day. Fragrance is your best and most intimate accessory. Once it’s put on, it becomes a part of you and your chemistry. It can be worn to match different moods and inspirations.

TO USE: Spritz onto pressure points, gently dab together and enjoy your signature scent for the day!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Memphis F
The best

I smell like cookies and I'm happy. :3

Kimberly Curtis
Smells amazing!

Absolutely love this. I cannot wear regular perfume and have found that oils are a great substitute. This reminds me of a sweet gingerbread. It's not an over whelming smell and lasts for several hours if its not incredible hot. Thanks for the option Fortune Cookie.

Not my favorite

Love the bottle and the color of this perfume. Unfortunately the scent does not work well with my body chemistry. It smells soooo good at first, a really nice apple scent, but after a few minutes it turns into a scent that's not nice at all. So sad about this.

Perfect bottle

I love apple scents and this bottle is to die for! This is a great PO.


I love the dual phase perfumes because the liquid is so pretty in the bottle. I was worried about spending so much on a large bottle but I'm glad I did. It smells great! A little bit of a spice but not overpowering. I smell apple/fruity more which I love. GREAT PURCHASE!

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