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HIDE AND SEEK Roll On Perfume Oil

HIDE AND SEEK Roll On Perfume Oil

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1...2...3...4...5, are you hiding yet or seeking our perfume oil? Chase after the scent of decadent blends of dark chocolate covered espresso beans, allspice and a light coconut cream. Who said anyone was too old for a game of hide and seek?

1.5 Dram Rollerball

Vegan handcrafted perfume oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Not my favorite

This scent is one of those scents I loved at first, but now I can't even use it. My mother really loves it though, so I gave this to her.

Evan Smith

The espresso note in this scent are so intoxication this is defiantly my favorite scent of the entire collection. i will prolly wear this scent all year it smells so delectable, i always get complements we wearin this

Hide and Seek Yum

I think I bought this scent it almost every product FCS offers! It's that good! I love the balance of the sweet chocolate, coconut and espresso. It''s just a really good winter scent!

Patricia Kostuk
A Little More Hide and Seek Please!

This is the most delicious scent(I probably say that a LOT about most of the things I have bought from FCS!)
The most perfect scent for Christmas ever..I really love how it lingers all day and that I get so many compliments when I wear it! You get a hint of every scent used in's like it changes a little the longer you wear it and it is just it!

my favorite

This is my favorite scent from the winter 2016 collection -such a decadent combo of coconut and chocolate. You can definitely smell the notes of both, though were I not aware of what scents had gone into this, it would be difficult for me to name them. Neither is cloyingly sweet or overpowering, but a perfect balance of both. The perfume oil is great for a straight shot of scent, or works well mixed into some naked whipped cream.

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