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HUNNY POT Fine Fragrance Mist

HUNNY POT Fine Fragrance Mist

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“I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.” This fragrance captures the freshness of summer citrus and luscious apricot with the warmth of freshly harvested honey.

Whether you lavishly splash or lightly spritz, you'll fall in love at first mist. Our new carefully formulated body mist delivers great coverage while conditioning glycerin nourishes skin for the lightest, most refreshing way to fragrance!

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40, deionized water, fragrance, butylene glycol, glycerin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lee Hooper
Love Love Love!

This is such a beautiful and gentle smell. Probably my favourite body spray, I love it so much!

Danielle J

This is one of my most favorite scents ever, it’s sooo delicious and fruity, yummy yummy!

Could you spare a small smackerel of Hunny?

Juicy and sweet. This scent is wonderful and my coworkers love it. Definitely hope there will be a restock of this scent so others can enjoy it as well!

Lasting fragrance!

You definitely want this fragrance to be long lasting! It’s perfectly balanced and can be described as creamy and fruity sweetness

Lyz D.
Truly honeyed fruit!

I am just getting into wearing fragrance and this is a great beginner scent - it is present but not overwhelming, sweet but not too sweet, not at all "sharp" - it is a scent that doesn't demand attention or distract, but again, just is present and hangs out with you like a friend - fitting!

This scent is light, airy, not heavy or thick. The first scent I pick up is a fruity smell, almost like a fruity gummy candy. It's almost fruit punch, but again, not strong or artificial. The honey is clearly there, and I think that's what softens up the fruit smells and makes it a really lovely, balanced scent! I'm really happy with it and looking forward to wearing it all spring and summer! It's also really pleasant as a room freshener.

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