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I'M GONNA WRECK IT Box Perfume Sampler

I'M GONNA WRECK IT Box Perfume Sampler

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All 7 scents from the I'm Gonna Wreck It Box

BAD-ANON - For days when your skin doesn’t wanna be the bad guy anymore. Let scents of wild berries and cream with a subtle touch of cedarwood take on dry skin one shower at a time!

I'M BAD AND THAT'S GOOD - This scent of red pomegranate and whipped caramel marshmallow is the hero to many it meets, even if it is the bad guy too. Turns out you don’t need us to tell you that this scent is a good guy. Cuz if we like bad can it be?

LALALA LAFFY TAFFY - This FCS product is here to make you laugh and save you from the Nesquik Sand with kookie scents of orange cream salt water taffy

REGENERATE - This scent respawns, regenerates, and promotes cleanliness away from Cy-Bugs with bright scents of buttermint and caramel.

STAY SWEET - Strawberries zapped by pink lightning is in it to win it against other tangy, sweet scents of tart citrus lollipops. This scent will help you stay sweet!

SUGAR RUSH - Jubileena Raspberry, Adorabeezle Lemonade, and bubblegum Bubblicious Candlehead rush in with pure sugary sweetness by the Recolor Racers!

THE GLITCH - This product swears it’s not a glitch and just has pixlexia - pink sugar and plumeria race about scents of sweet candy orange slices that will have you loving this scent...glitch and all, just like we knew you would!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

This was the first set of perfume oils I bought. I love that you can try all the scents in small sizes.

Sweet and delicious!

I love this collection and hope it makes a comeback! My sister loved the ones I passed on to her, too.

Robyn W.
Love these!

The scents in this monthly box are my favorite. I'm happy to see these samplers being offered and I look forward to adding them to my naked products.

Reviewer avatar
My favorite PO sampler so far!

Really loved most of these scents! I got the monthly box and liked the laundry soap (taffy scent) but it wasn't very strong at all. So glad it was part of this PO sampler because I LOVE it in the body care!

Jenna P

I love these tiny sample perfume oils FCS has begun to release with their collections! They are an excellent way to gauge each scent when a scent may be primarily featured in a product that is less than conducive in scent testing. Awesome assortment! And highly portable!

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