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Lavish Lavender Milk Bath Bag (12.5 oz)

Lavish Lavender Milk Bath Bag (12.5 oz)

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Stressed out? I know the feeling when I feel stressed out, the first thing I do is whip up a batch of our awesome lavender milk bath, drop some in and relax. Know what? I think you should adopt my way of dealing with stress by getting some of out lavish lavender bath milk! It contains real lavender buds and essential oil (relaxing), some goat's milk (moisturizing) along with some colloidal oatmeal (soothing) flakes all of which can truly help your mood, skin and make you feel awesome! After all that is our goal here at FCS!

This product contains real Lavender Buds. If you do not want loose Lavender Buds in your bath, a free muslin bag can be included at no additional charge. Please specify if you would like one included in notes section of shopping cart.If you would like no fragrance in Milk Bath, please specify in notes section of shopping cart.

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