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LUMIERE Hand Poured Soy Candle

LUMIERE Hand Poured Soy Candle

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Ma chère, Fortune Freak! It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome this product back! Illuminate your home with scents of fresh blackberries, tart apples and magnolia petals, sprinkled with sugar crystals.

Our heavily scented, hand-poured candles are made with all-natural vegan soy wax and come in 4 ounce tin with lid. Perfect for travel!

Approximately 4 oz.

Burn time: 15-20 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Not my favorite

This has not been my favorite scent- it was too sweet for me, but I have a friend who loves it.

Stronger scent needed

I love the scent. I wish it would be stronger though.

Something was a bit off?

This candle was a conundrum for m. I got it in my box and fell in love with the scent (and have since purchased several products in it) but when I used it, I could no longer smell it. The candle burnt well it just didn't smell when it was burning. Just something maybe to look into reworking is all (and maybe the larger ones didn't have this problem).

So sad I couldn't snag it!

I got this candle in the Be Our Guest box and burned right through it, so sad I couldn't snag it during a restock, I loved the scent!


I just started to burn the sample candle from the Spring box.
It is hard to smell the scent, but then this candle is so small. So size could be a factor. And this is my only FCS experience to the huge XL PJP candle.
So size might be a huge factor.
The shampoo lumiere soap was so powerful in scent, and the laundry detergent too. But they both a lighter floral smell (compared to PJP heavier sweeter fruity smell.)
I wish I would have bought this larger candle, but I help off. I am definitely having fun burning the tea light, and trying to finish my PJP candle. :)

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