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MERMAID LAGOON Dual Phase Perfume Oil

MERMAID LAGOON Dual Phase Perfume Oil

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Our coconut’s bring all the mermaids to the lagoon but watch out, they’ll probably drown you. Them beaches…

A bright, summery blend of peaches, apricots and nectarines topped with shaved coconut and iced vanilla bean.

To use: Shake it more than twice, its fun to play with! May stain clothing (take it from Bill and Monica!)

1oz. rollerball

Vegan handcrafted pure perfume oil, not cut or diluted.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I love the product, but the scent was not for me.


This is a lovely Summer fragrance. It's light, kinda creamy and just a touch of soft fruits. I love how fun this perfume is. The scent lasts pretty decent on me, but I usually touch up later in the day or if I'm headed out and need to refresh my perfume.

Denise Alonzo
A bit messy...

I had gotten the sample size of this perfume in the Soap Box and knew I needed to buy a full size. When it came in the mail, it was covered in oil. It was packaged very carefully and there were no cracks in the bottle, it's just the actual design of the bottle that's awful. It's a roller ball, but the perfume DRIPS out, so way too much is applied. Every time. I considered sending it back because I'm so annoyed with the bottle that's constantly oily, but I will probably figure out a way to pour it in the atomizer that came in the soap box.

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