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MERMAID VIBES Perfume Sampler

MERMAID VIBES Perfume Sampler

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Adorable minis of all 12 scents, packaged in a velvet pouch.

  1. MERMAID SEA-QUINS  let your mermaid sequins shine with playful scents of sugared coconut, tangerine zest, and pink sea salt. 
  2. BEACHIN  - Born with the beach in our souls, with scents of coconut water with a beach flower garnish, notes of light lemon zest rounded by sweet sugar. 
  3. SIRENS OF THE SEA - Dive deep for the treasure that you seek with top notes of sun-kissed citrus swirl amongst smells of watery sea foam, lotus petals, and palm leaves. 
  4. BEYOND THE REEF  - Somewhere beyond the reef lies the purest ocean vibes with scents of tropical coconut leaves lost at sea, subtle hints of pineapple and nuances of pear nectar and musk.
  5. VITAMIN SEA - A generous dose of just what the Fairy Soap Mother prescribed with scents of sweet passionfruit nectar, exotic florals of a hidden tropic island and amber sands. 
  6. MERMAID HAIR, DON’T CARE -  with scents of daylily, sea spray, and a touch of abalone musk.
  7. STAY SALTY  - Smells like sipping a fruity slush of frozen blueberries with pineapple wedges and a hint of thyme beneath sun-streaked skies. 
  8. MERMAID’S SOUL - Smells like blushed seaside apple blossoms blowing in the sea ozone and melting into sea foam, this scent embodies the spirit of a true mermaid.
  9. UNDER THE SEA - Create your own secret underwater grotto with scents of subtle berry, muscadine, and base notes of drowned black orchids. 
  10. MERMAID OFF DUTY - Pamper your mermaid skin, shed those scales, and give yourself all the soft feels with scents of delicate water florals and sea kelp. 
  11. BE A MERMAID & MAKE WAVES  -  Have no fear of depths…fear shallow living. Be a mermaid and make those waves with scents of sapphire tidal pools, pink jasmine, and vanilla orchid.
  12. MERMAID TEARS - Your heart will be pierced by Cupid, you’ll disdain all glittering gold. There’s nothing that will console you, save your Johnny Sailor Bold. Transform into the beautiful mermaid with scents of delicate sugar cane and morning dew across the lagoon.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The best summer perfume ouls

Each of these unique scent blends are a delight for the nose. And mermaids! Who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid!?!

Love this collection

Seriously love. The scents are not too heavy for me, just the right mixture and reminds me of the ocean.

Mermaid Vibes Sampler

This is a wonderful collection of mermaid-y scents. I wish summer would last a few more months because I'm not ready to say goodbye to the ocean, mermaids, and salty sea air. I least I have these scents to carry me through the off-season!

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Perfect way to try scents & use for CYO/Naked items!

Love the mini perfume samplers because they're a great deal, you get to try all the scents & you can do CYO products at home using the "naked" items. This line is so fresh, clean, bright and summery...I adore it!

Jenna P

I love these tiny sample perfume oils FCS releases with many of their collections! They are an excellent way to gauge each scent when a scent may be primarily featured in a product that is less than conducive in scent testing. Awesome assortment! And highly portable!

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