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About Face Neem Turmeric (6 oz)

About Face Neem Turmeric (6 oz)

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So let's say that your skin is an oil vat and it has a ton of
blemishes on it _ what can you use to clear it up and make your skin look
fabulous? The answer is easy, you
use the Turmeric and Neem scrub by FCS!
We created this awesome combination for people that truly have no way of
clearing their skin up. It
combines sea salt, grapefruit essential oil, jojoba oil along with mustard,
neem and turmeric. The smell is
spicy and sweet and the scrub will knock that oil right out of your pores!

Click link below to blog post on the About Face ingredients.

Directions: At the end of your shower, rub a generous amount on affected area, rinse completely and towel dry.

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