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ROOSTER Entire Collection

ROOSTER Entire Collection

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A collection of top-shelf products thoughtfully designed by Justin in his atelier (AKA his man cave). Inspired by good bourbon, better friends and time well spent. This collection is a progression of his favorite scents and textures. Fresh lemon, and spicy ginger swirling in a mug of white tea.

At·el·ier: (French: [atəlje]) a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

All six products at a 10% discount. Limited stock

Body Scrub

Body Wash


Face Moisturizer

Face Scrub


Customer Reviews

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I bought this for my bf thinking I'd get him as hooked to FCS as I am, but honestly, I loved the scent so much, I ended up keeping most of the items for myself (#sorrynotsorry). It reminds me of the spa, and the scent is the perfect combination of lasting throughout the day, but not being too overpowering. To me, it smells like a combo of lemon and sage, so it's both fresh and earthy. It's pretty much now one of my favs. While I love everything in the collection, my favs are for sure the body lotion, body wash, and body scrub - with the body srub being the real star. It's exfoliating and hydrating and leaves my skin feeling refreshed (thanks sugar and coco oil!). If you're an FCS addict like me, I 100% recommend trying things from this line or getting them for that someone special in your life, because it's honestly now one of my favs. You knocked it out of the park Justin!

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