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SHARK BAIT Personal Space Air Freshner

SHARK BAIT Personal Space Air Freshner

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Reformulated to be much stronger and longer lasting!

Don't be fooled by his lucky fin, this little guy is one tough cookie! We may call him Shark Bait, but scent up with this fresh blend of sweet oranges, creamy vanilla ice cream and juicy, sandalwood infused strawberries and we guarantee your room won't smell like a bucket of chum!


Instantly freshen up your personal space, wherever that might be. Perfect for dorm rooms, shared bathrooms or that annoying stinky family member! Ultra concentrated room spray. Freshens and deodorizes linens, towels and clothing with a unique conditioning agent.

Septic tank safe 

Environmentally friendly

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I keep this in the bathroom and it smells so great and masks any litter box smell instantly!

Smells like heaven

Why did I not purchase this product sooner!?!??! I love walking in to my room as smelling Shark Bait. I absolutely love this scent. I love that even a hour later I can still smell it in my room. I'm very impressed with the staying power of it!

Just like a creamsicle!

This stuff is really strong and the first time I used it I definitely sprayed too much lol! But it lasts a long time and smells really nice. I can't wait to grab this product in fall scents too! Definitely one of my favorite air freshener formulas I've ever used!

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