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Dragon Fruit Shaved Ice Bath Bomb (8 oz)

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You always know when summer is approaching because snow cone stands start popping up around town and we seriously love snow cones a lot! Check out our rainbow colored shaved ice in an adorable cup with spoon that is fragranced with one of snow cone shops best selling flavors Dragon's Blood! Which is a cool way to say Dragon Fruit! We don't think anything with the word 'blood' in the title, while referring to bath products, will sell very well! Kids and adults of all ages can't resist the sweet tropical taste of dragon fruit so we of course got the crazy idea to smell like our favorite snow cone! Drop this fizzy in your bath tub and watch it dissolve, delivering a room filled with dragon fruit aroma! You will leave the tub feeling refreshed with silky, smooth skin and craving to eat a real snow cone!

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