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Cram your face in my Sweet Pumpkin Pie Voted Best! (by us) Body Lotion

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My mom always told me that it was the smell of a fresh cut pumpkin that meant autumn was really here! And to this day I still can't find another smell that compares to the arrival of the colorful season I think moms may know a thing or two! We want you to try our sweet and spicy pumpkin in our light feeling lotion that promotes healthy skin in every imaginable way! If you have dry skin, irritated skin, normal skin, allergenic skin, or even skin that has an uneven tone this is exactly for you then! It's time to start feeling and looking your best! To Use: Step in the ring with this stuff everyday, if your skin is extra-dry, chapped by winter weather, or parched by summer sun. Ideal for the entire body, including the face! Paraben free Cruelty free skin type: dry to very dry perfect for chapped or sensitive skin

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