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The Clean Dora Bath Gift Set

The Clean Dora Bath Gift Set

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Dora The Explorer in soap form! Dora the explore is honestly one of those character that all children love and they all want to be just like her she is like the new-aged Hello Kitty with a mouth! What most kids do not know is that we created this soap for Dora ourselves it is the essence of everything sweet and sour at the same time, along with some lavender to chill our nerves because seriously Dora can get on anyone's nerves from time to time. In this awesome set we have included some sweet tart martini soaps (for the moments when you just need something ;), some sublime (which is lime margarita scented!) and some lavender soap to just calm you down. Now put the kids in front of Dora and slip away to inhale some of these delicious soaps don't worry, Dora will keep them entertained!

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