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THE FINAL SEASON Entire Collection - Part 1

THE FINAL SEASON Entire Collection - Part 1

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Part 1 (#BarSoapsAreComing)

The entire collection of all 10 full-size products at 10% off. Limited stock.

GREYSCALE Glycolic Acid Facial Moisturizer - No need to resort to a life of madness amongst the stonepeople in the ruins of Valyria - this facial moisturizer will perfume miracles with scents of finely chopped ginger, soft citrus, and beautiful jasmine.

DEATH HAS MANY FACES Glycolic Acid Face Wash - Serve the many faced god and become one of the faceless assassins in the house of Black and White with scents of shea butter, Braavosi heliotrope, and exotic coconut milk from beyond the Narrow Sea. Valar Morghulis.

R + L = J Salt Scrub - This salt scrub brings together the most shocking scents that will leave you shouting in excitement with scents of Dragonstone minerals, rich dark Weirwood, morning dew, and basil.

NIGHT KING Aloe Me Whipped Cream - More powerful than dark magic and created by the Children of the Forest, scents of blood orange, fresh moss from the Fist of the First Men, and a touch of mint as this Aloe Me Whipped Cream brings the Long Night to dry skin.

STORMBORN Bath Bomb - This bath bomb is of House Targaryen, first of its name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains and very well could be Azor Ahai with scents of creamy sandalwood, magnolia, and blackberry.  

PROTECTOR OF THE REALM Room Spray - All the scent power is yours, you need only reach out and take it with the scents of sweet pears from Dorne, cashmere musk, and spring leaves.

LITTLE DOVE Perfume Oil - There is no honor in tricks but you’ll soon learn from the best and become a player in the Game of Thrones with scents of ripened figs from the Capital, bergamot, candied rum candies, mango, and amber. And soon you’ll be thanking your enemies for all the many lessons they taught you. You will never forget them.

WILDFIRE Candle - Burn away all the enemies of bad scents that may have caused you grief, heartache, and humiliation with scents of from the Sept of Baelor - Black currant, hibiscus tea with a touch of raspberry and an undertone of cognac.

HAND OF THE QUEEN Cookie Dough - Drink and know things and advise the best chance for the good of the realm as scents of Qarth sand, sun-kissed citrus, and dragon fire. This cookie dough will never forget what it is, the rest of the world will not.

#ForTheThrone Toilet Spray - You should do anything to achieve this high honor, even murder the foul scents and add another vanquished foe to the throne. Neutralize the enemies of the Crown with scents of a tropical breeze, water lotus, and sea salt.

Customer Reviews

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so many good things!

love this collection - great products and lovely unisex scents!!

Unique Scents

So happy I splurged on this collection with my points. My favorite so far is the aloe me. The scent is amazing. My cat approves too!


Everything is just as I was hoping for. I love all the scents.

Soooo cute!

Such a cute and wonderful set. It almost makes me not want to use them....I said ALMOST

Christina Cody

Amazing variety of scents! Captures all the lands perfectly, amazing

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