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THE FINAL SEASON Perfume Sampler

THE FINAL SEASON Perfume Sampler

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All 13 scents from The Final Season collection in mini perfume form...

  1. THE WHITE WOLF - Scents of fresh, crisp air drifting from Eastwatch by the Sea and subtle hints of amber sand.
  2. ICE DRAGON - Scents of soft mint, pumpkin spice and a touch of black peppercorn.
  3. KING'S LANDING - Scents of chamomile and tea leaves, garden flowers, and tonka bean.
  4. GREYSCALE - Scents of finely chopped ginger, soft citrus, and beautiful jasmine.
  5. DEATH HAS MANY FACES - Scents of shea butter, Braavosi heliotrope, and exotic coconut milk from beyond the Narrow Sea. Valar Morghulis.
  6. R + L = J - Scents of Dragonstone minerals, rich dark Weirwood, morning dew, and basil.
  7. NIGHT KING - Scents of blood orange, fresh moss from the Fist of the First Men, and a touch of mint.
  8. STORMBORN - Scents of creamy sandalwood, magnolia, and blackberry.  
  9. PROTECTOR OF THE REALM - Scents of sweet pears from Dorne, cashmere musk, and spring leaves.
  10. LITTLE DOVE - Scents of ripened figs from the Capital, bergamot, candied rum candies, mango, and amber. 
  11. WILDFIRE - Black currant, hibiscus tea with a touch of raspberry and an undertone of cognac.
  12. HAND OF THE QUEEN - Scents of Qarth sand, sun-kissed citrus, and dragon fire. 
  13. #ForTheThrone - scents of a tropical breeze, water lotus, and sea salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christina Cody

Amazing variety of scents, all perfect!

Jenna P

I love these tiny sample perfume oils FCS releases with many of their collections! They are an excellent way to gauge each scent when a scent may be primarily featured in a product that is less than conducive in scent testing. Awesome assortment! And highly portable!

Linda Malone
Totally Great

Every item was magnificent especially the perfume. My daughter started my journey with FCSC and I joined the monthly subscription and it helps lift the spirit to get the new & old item delivered to the isolated country life. Thanks for all the wonderful themes and products that are truly a great product.

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A wonderful collection of scents! I’ve never actually purchased a whole collection of samplers, but this was a fantastic way to get to know what my nose likes. I was really intrigued from the get go about the scents, but I wasn’t interested in any of the products this time around. I’m going to be holding on to a few favorites for future CYOs (Greyscale, White Wolf, R+L=J, Wildfire, and #ForTheThrone). This whole collection has a great selection of masculine, neutral and feminine scents and I was super into it. I’d highly recommend doing a collection sample if at least half of the scents intrigue you because it’s a great value and fabulous experience.

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