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THIS IS MY SWAMP Perfume Sampler

THIS IS MY SWAMP Perfume Sampler

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All 4 scents from the This Is My Swamp extended collection as mini perfumes.

MY SWAMP - Minty patchouli and sweet magnolia blossoms, rich moss, fresh apples and succulent pears, soft smell of green grass.

LOVE'S TRUE FORM -  Fresh coconut milk and passionfruit, bright lemon, vanilla bean, and orange zest, jasmine and rose petals, bright bananas and sugary cantaloupe.

NOBLE STEED - Warm vanilla mixes with smooth hazelnut, sweet almonds and fresh apples slices are covered in gooey caramel ribbons, topped with buttery whipped vanilla cream and a cherry on top!

FAIRYTALE CREATURES - Bright citrus, goji berries and warm musk, creamy coconut, ripe mango and zesty lime, tarocco orange slices.


WHAT IT DOES: An aromatic finisher to your daily routine and sets the tone for the rest of your day.

HOW IT WORKS: Fragrance is your best and most intimate accessory. Once it’s put on, it becomes a part of you and your chemistry. It can be worn to match different moods and inspirations.

TO USE: Apply to pressure points, gently dab together and enjoy your signatures scent for that day.

Vegan handcrafted perfume oil

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Christina Cody

Love the samplers, nice way to try all the scents

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