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WE'RE ALL MAD HERE Carpet Deodorizer

WE'RE ALL MAD HERE Carpet Deodorizer

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… which truly explains a lot!

Playful mint waters and natural leafy green notes perform a masterful balancing act with musky rich cedarwood.

NET WT. 6oz 

WHAT IT DOES: Eliminates deep-down odors and freshens carpets and rugs. Freshen up your living room, bedroom, area rugs.

HOW IT WORKS: Powder eliminates odors and helps remove dirt...lasting fragrance stays behind! Absorbs odors and helps clean 3X deeper than vacuuming alone.

TO USE: For carpet, area rugs and car interiors: Sprinkle powder on the carpet, let sit for a few minutes, then vacuum.

Pro Tip: For fresh smelling shoes: sprinkle a little inside shoes and let sit overnight.

Ingredients: Sodium Borate, Sodium Bicarbonate, & Fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emily Deloria
Love the smell- have a hard time getting it out of the container, though

Love the smell and I do find it is a good carpet deodorizer. I find that I have to aggressively shake to get even a smidge out, though. Maybe needs more holes or bigger holes?


I use this rarely and it last forever. Does not leave a Sticky feel behind like other carpet powders

Amber M
Like living in Wonderland

I love the way this smells. This reminds me more of escaping into the forest of the video game Alice the madness returns with the scents of waterfalls and forest trees.

Makes me house smell amazing!

I love FCS carpet deodorizer! Makes the house smell great and takes away that yucky stinky vacuum smell.

Green loveliness

This is such a natural fragrance! The deodorizer not only deodorizes but it seriously gets your rugs and carpets clean. Plus this smells so nice!

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