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All 8 scents from the extended collection in mini whipped cream form. (minus SO VINTAGE)


TOTALLY GROOL  - What we meant to say was cool, then started to say great. Right. Well...grool. So it’s like if you take really cool scents of amber and pumpkin peppercorn spice and add it to like subtle hints of great pink bubblegum.

AS IF - Let’s face it. Everyone is going to want to borrow your new perfume oil when they smell it. Just say these three words and they’ll get the hint. Be selfish with scents of lemon butter shortbread lightly drizzled with caramel (butter is a carb by the way...but WHATEVER.)

WAY FETCH We just made fetch happen. Now you’ll always want it to happen. And fetch is flirty fresh apples, sugar berries, plum blossoms, and sea salt. You’ll be sorry that people are so jealous of you...but you can’t help it that you’ll smell so good and they just have to deal with their designer imposter perfume. 

CRUSHIN’ - Please girl, we can see you are totally crushin’ for this scent. You’ll use any excuse just to use this deep conditioner every day. Fall majorly, totally, butt crazy in love with sparkling pears, lemon drops, golden honey, and red lollipops! Your hair will be so big, it’s full of secrets!

ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK - This smells like French vanilla flavored cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would use it and be happy.

BURN BOOK - Put it in the Book. Muddled raspberries and fluffy melted marshmallows are going to make you feel less like a grotsky little byotch and transform into being really pretty. You’ll agree. You’ll think you’re really pretty.

VALLEY GIRL - OMG, this classic scent will have you totally buggin’! Be highly selective with this perfect scent of pomegranate cider, citrus zest, and airy cotton candy. You’ll be so sure to want this to be like your new signature scent. You go, Glen Coco!

IS BUTTER A CARB? -  When you’re trying to lose three pounds, what better way than doing so with scents of whipped buttercream, butter mints, and confectionary sugar? It's been two weeks since launch, and all we've done is make your body smell like a foot. Now get in loser, we’re going to Taco Bell.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
More Samplers Please!

I love these little samplers! They are such a good way to try all of the scents, I can swap with my fellow FCS lovers when I don't like any and they are great in gift bags. I also love the tiny jars. So fun. This collection is a really fun one. Love the fandoms and a few scents are favorites (Boo as If and Crushin, which are like candy and delicious!).

Jenna P

These mini whipped cream samplers FCS often sells with their collections are awesome for sampling scents in the most popular FCS product/formulary type. They are also the perfect size for use at home or on-the-go! <3

Diane Cossitt
Great Sampler

This is the perfect way to sample a bunch of scents. I love every one of them in this collection and the whipped cream is my favourite FCS product. Excellent value!

So fun!

These are such a great way to try all the scents in a collection! My favorite is Boo, As If...lemony and sweet! My favorite way to use the Whipped Creams is on my tootsies, right before putting on my socks and workout shoes. It’s one of my favorite rituals. I keep them all in a drawer and grab one to match my mood.

Great way to try the collection

Wonderful way to try this fun collection.

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