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WISHING TREE Scent Diffuser

WISHING TREE Scent Diffuser

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New wishes ignited by old ones.” - Night Circus

Crisp apples and amber caramel, topped with black peppercorn and spice. 

Scent inspo: “Apples dipped in caramel so dark they appeared almost blackened but remained light and crisp and sweet.” 

Enjoy this fresh fragrance in your home, car, closet or office for a little personal touch to your surroundings. Perfect for school or work lockers!

Step 1: unscrew the wood lid
Step 2: Remove the plastic plug and discard
Step 3: screw wood lid back on
Step 4: Turn the bottle over and allow the fragrance to soak into the wood lid. 
Step 5: Enjoy anywhere in your home, car, closet, or office

Anytime you want the smell to be stronger, turn it over and shake it.

I have mine hanging from my rearview mirror in my car. Even with four kids it still makes my whole car smell amazing!

Glass bottle holds 7mls/.25oz of uncut scent.

Customer Reviews

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Sweet Meets Spicy

I really like this scent. Although it is very strong, it’s such a pleasant 1-2 punch of sweet and spicy that you can help but take notice.

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Great Scent

I love the FCS diffusers and The Wishing Tree is amazing. In fact, my brother who has a little nose for scent and a picky tatse, got into my car and was tell me how nice it smelled. TWT won him over!


This scent was just a little too sweet for my liking.

In love with this scent diffuser!!!

It was my first time trying FCS scent diffuser, didn't really know what to expect. I put it in my small walk-in closet. It soon was filled with a cozy scent from the diffuser. I love how strong it is and how you can make the scent more faint or stronger. I definitely need more of these in different scents!
A most have product!

Abbey Herendeen
Strong, but delicious

This smells so so so good. It's too strong for my car (I'm sensitive to strong scents), but it's perfect for my office.

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