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WOODY Reflexology Massage Oil

WOODY Reflexology Massage Oil

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Our feet carry the weight of our body many hours a day. Hidden away in socks and shoes all day long without being touched or given any kind of spontaneous massage (like our hands or other areas of our body). It’s more common to find blockages on our feet than on any other reflex areas of our body. We can get better healing results from foot massage than from massage of any other area of the body. Using essential oils enhances our foot massage.

Warm woods and rich vanilla perfectly balance our new massage oil.

There are four main concepts in reflexology*

  1. Whenever an organ or a function in your body isn’t healthy, a tender or sore spot may appear on the corresponding area of the foot.
  2. An injured area of the foot such as an ingrown toenail or a stubbed toe can affect corresponding areas throughout the body as well.
  3. When you find sore or tender areas on your feet, this can help you identify blockages in the body. But this alone doesn’t diagnose a disease. It just points out a weakness.
  4. When you work on the painful or tender area on your feet, you can help release the blockage in the corresponding area of your body. This is not actually treating a disease, but merely giving your body a better flow of energy that will enhance the healing process.

TO USE: Begin by taking a shower, a bath or just soaking your feet to soften and relax your feet. Roll the essential oils the over the entire foot, massaging upward in the direction that blood flows toward your heart. Massage each foot overall for about five minutes. You’ll already begin to feel more relaxed.

WHAT IT DOES: You’ll also notice that you are calmer and less stressed. Many physical disorders have their roots in our emotions. Regular work on the feet can reach deeply hidden blockages and set them free in a remarkable way.

Pro Tip: For a deeper reflex foot massage

  • On one foot, start by massaging clockwise on the center of the arch. Form increasingly larger circles adding pressure progressively. Do the same on the other foot. If you do the whole treatment on one foot and then the other, it may create an imbalance. So trade for each area of the foot.
  • Use your knuckle if it is tolerable to massage the liver area on the right foot and the spleen area on the left foot.
  • When you feel a lot of pain, reduce the pressure. As you continue massaging the area each day the pain will start to go away. This is an indication that you are progressively unblocking these areas of your feet and benefitting their corresponding organs.
  • Next focus on the balls of the feet. Use both your thumbs and knuckles with enough pressure to free any blockages. As you work your own feet for a few minutes daily, you’ll begin to recognize how much pressure it takes to bring relief.
  • Now move to the toes beginning with the big toe. It is critical to unblock the control areas of your brain that correspond with your big toe. Use your knuckle with a downward movement right in the middle of the big toe.
  • Work firmly on the base and inside neck of the big toe where stresses tend to accumulate.
  • Massage each toe to help unblock any emotions.
  • Finally, work the sexual organ area in the bottom center of the heel and under the large bones on each side of the foot. You’ll often find tender points here.
  • End the treatment with an overall massage including firmly massaging the top of the foot. Massage the thigh and calf up to the knee.
  • Allow for a little time to relax after the treatment. Notice how much better you feel when you stand.
  • View the foot reflexology chart below for visual aid.

Ingredients: Boswellia Serrata, Amyris balsamifera, Vetiveria Zizanoides, Styrax Benzoin, Vanilla Planifolia, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride.

Please note: As with all essential oils, avoid while pregnant or nursing.

*According to - visit their website for more information.

Customer Reviews

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I love this product—the scent is great. But I cannot get the metal rollerball to cooperate. It’s so hard to get the oil out!

Nicely scented

This is nicely scented and easy to use.

Nicole Page
Smells and works So Great!!

This oil not only smells great but also does a great job of relaxing and getting into the right spots. It's not too greasy, like many other oils tend to be. I love this product!

what a great product

my boyfriend and i both use this for massages and its smells so nice and vanilla-y,woodsy.


Amazing! I used this on pressure points!

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