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January 13, 2010


My Secret Hot Wings Recipe

OK, I really can’t believe I’m putting this recipe in here. This is one of those recipes that I am known for. It was taught to me by my old neighbor. This is usually made for a party. This recipe is for the entire 10 lb bag. Adjust recipe for the amount you’re making. Depending on how many people your feeding depicts how much of the bag you’ll want to use. Providing u have other food, if this is for a party…. the rule of thumb is 1/2 pound per person. So this bag is good for 20 people. You’ll always have that picky person that will pick at 2 wings. You’ll also have that person that eats 20.. My 1/2 pound usually works well. Unless its for a football game type event, then I’d make 1 lb each person.

From the local wholesale warehouse….
1 10 pound bag of frozen chicken wings from your local wholesale warehouse (usually about $10- $12) I usually get the drumettes.
1 bottle franks red-hot sauce
1 large bottle soy sauce
about a gallon of oil (canola, peanut, vegetable)
big ol jar of blue cheese dressing
regular grocery store
montreal steak seasoning
Crystal hot sauce
2 beers or 2 sprites

The day before the event. Add the appropriate amount of frozen wings to a large bowl or pot. Fill containment device 1/2 full of soy sauce. Add fresh ground pepper. Add 1-2 beers or sprites to container. Fill rest of way with water until wings are covered. Leave on counter and let defrost. Once defrosted (about 4 hours) bake wings for 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven. They do not have to have brown crisp skin at this point. Put them in the fridge overnight.

The day of.. I prefer to use a turkey fryer. Put your oil into the fryer. Bring oil to 350 degrees. With a gallon of oil, I usually cook in 3-4 stages. I slowly put the wings in the oil with basket or skimmer, cook for 5-7 minutes and pull out. Put in a large pot with lid. Once all are cooked make sauce.

melt 1 stick of butter in sauce pan in medium heat.
add about tbsp of cornstarch for rue.
cook for a couple minutes.
add 1 bottle of crystal (crystal is the more spicy one, so if you want mild hot wings you can leave out)
add double amount franks
sprinkle 1-2 tbsp of montreal steak seasoning.

Sauce will thicken slightly. Once thickened, turn off heat, add about 10-15 wings at a time into the sauce pan. Stir them in sauce and remove and put in chaffing dish, or on big platter. They usually go pretty quick.

let me know what you think

March 18, 2009


Don't Buy the Wrong Gift!

Not sure what they want? Don’t Panic! We just added Fortune Cookie Soap Gift Certificates. So don’t worry if you can’t choose the right gift soap, with so many unique gift ideas to choose from it can be hard to make the right choice.

How it works: we offer gift certificates ranging from $5 to $1,000. At this time, we can only accept payment for gift certificates through Paypal.

Your Fortune Cookie Soap Gift Certificates will be sent both by email and by Post, so you can email your gift, or present it to your over joyed recipient your self.

February 22, 2009


American Idol Matt the Welder Fans

Matt Breitzke is really good friends with our next door neighbors. Matt and his family attend our church and also our annual Halloweenie roast (which if you don’t know is my annual family tradition that we give out Chili-cheese dogs, hot-chocolate, and iced tea on halloween in addition to candy). Matt and his wife are extremely nice and we enjoy their conversation whenever we visit with them.

We are joining our Neighbors and Church in voting for “Matt the Welder” on American Idol this week. He made it to the top 36 and now is now going to be battling vocally against 11 others with the same dream. help us in supporting our comrade by voting for him after he sings this week. We think that Matt is a great person and really deserves this for himself and family.

To show our support, we are offering a 20% discount for the entire time he is on the show. The code is… Idol (offer does not apply to wholesale orders)
Please pass this blog on to EVERYONE that you know to help us…

This was a forward from my next door neighbor that I wanted to share with you... This was before we knew he made it to the top 36.

Our good friend, Matt Breitzke from Bixby, made it to the final 50+ in ‘American Idol’ last night. He should be back on TV (FOX) tonight vying to be among the 36 finalists that will comprise the actual competition. He has been on the show several times already in the last few weeks. Matt is a fine singer and a really great young man. Cherie and I have listened to him sing from our sons (Billy) garage band days, at Billy’s wedding and on to Kansas City and now Hollywood. There were tens of thousands of applicants (more?) and he has made it all this way on his talent and the fact that he is ‘Matt the welder’ and a regular guy amongst a lot of very theatrical and talented people. If you are a fan of the show or not, we hope you will tune in tonight and cheer him on and stay with him through the final decision in the coming weeks AND VOTE FOR HIM, if he gets past tonight’s competition.

Bill Towner

January 14, 2009


New Years Resolution p90x - My 90 Day Fit Challenge

Hi Fortune Freaks…

Ok, I know that a New Years Resolution can be considered a cliche thing, however I’m really trying one. As I was putting together my kids doll house for Santa this Christmas, a T.V. infomercial came on for BeachBody’s p90x system. I’ve seen it a few other times and watched it only because I didn’t feel like getting up to find the remote to change the T.V. I am about 20 pounds overweight for my height and age. I don’t really like that too much, but with work, kids, etc… exercise on a regular basis seems to be priority 700 or so.

SO any way… I watch the infomercial and decided that I really would like to feel better all around, and have more energy when I get off from work. I thought that I would give it a shot. My wife and I split the system and started it this Monday. Basically it is a 90 day fitness challenge 6 or 7 days a week, full nutrition guide. It has everything from pullups and pushups, to yoga, to jumping around like crazy (plyometrics).

So 3 days into it, my wife and I are really sore, but in a good way. Waking up at 5:30 is pretty difficult for me. Please post some encouraging words to help me along, and to keep me motivated to stay with it. I am planning on posting pix as I go a long. My before pix were pretty embarrassing to me, so Ill post them with my 1st months pix in hopes there was a change… Never mind, If my wife can handle it, then I can. (don’t laugh at the pose, its one of the mandatory poses)

My Starting picture

2 Week Update
OK, I just finished week 2. I don’t feel super sore or tired anymore. I actually feel like I have a little more energy. The diet is pretty tough, I’ve definately had some cheats… I couldn’t resist Ice cream one night… Alright two ice cream cones. And tonight (I have designated Sunday as a “cheat day”), I had Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese. Don’t laugh, Its pretty awesome!. Here is week 2 pix. I feel like you can see a little difference in my face. Which is good. The shadow on the wall kinda messes up the pic a little.

1 month pic
Alright, finished the 1st month. I will say I love and hate yoga. I love it because I feel great at the end of it. I’m relaxed, calm, and just feel good. The bad news is it’s an hour and a half long! I have to wake up super early to be able to do it before everyone is up. This last week was my “recovery” week so I did Yoga twice. On Sunday I woke up late so I couldn’t work out until like 8:30 am, so imagine… Trying to get into that relaxed state with slow methodical movements… and bam, 2 little kids come running around the corner chasing each other, 1 screaming because the other one stole her dolly. I have a time crunch of an hour and 15 minutes before I have to get ready for church, but the video lasts close to 1 hour and 4o minutes with all the streching and everything. So I kinda have to self edit the video with the parts I can’t do yet. Santa Clause 3 is blaring in the living room, Christmas is over, but for some reason it’s still on TIVO. I’m not sure thats exactly how it happened, but needless to say, Sunday’s Yoga session wasn’t the best.

Well, on to my pic. I can definitely tell a difference in my face, although I felt like I would see more of a difference. I started out at 236 pounds, and weighed on Saturday 222. So 14 pounds lighter is definitely a good step in the right direction. I feel a lot better, with more energy. My pic makes me look like I have less muscles than when I started, but I guess those other muscles were fat? At least that is what Ill tell myself.

43 day pic

Ok almost halfway. On Friday I weighed 219.6 which is almost 17 pounds less. So that is encouraging. I definately feel like I have more energy. It is a lot easier to wake up at 5:30-6:00 now than it was. I wake up and am ready to excercise. I should have taken my pics on Friday, cause this last junk food day was a killer… I ate a lot of bad stuff… Like an a huge bag of lemon, lime, and caramel & cheese popcorn. The caramel and cheese is called Chicago Mix. Really good! So, I was a little heavier this Monday than I was on Friday. So I will try and control myself better this next cheat day.

Here is my pic… still no 6 pack… closer to the 12 pack still (beer belly). That pic to me shows the least amount of change. But I can tell a little. And is it just me or do I have a really big head?

2 Month pic

Here is my 2 month pic. I weighed 215 this morning, that is 21 pounds less than (or is it then) when I started. I think it had to do with working out back to back pretty much. With the time change, I didn’t wake up early enough to do chest and back on Monday morning. So I ended up doing it Monday night, then I woke up the next morning and did plyometrics (jump training). I burned a little over 1400 calories from exercise in less than 24 hours.

It was tough, but I am glad I did it. I am adding the old pic next to the new one for comparison, also a couple of other views.

After (2 mo.):
After (2 mo.):
After (2 mo.):

Here is my 2 1/2 month photos. I did substitute running for yoga and kenpo karate last week. I got a little sick of yoga and kenpo. I did make sure to use my monitor to burn the same amount of calories. Each exercise is designed to burn around 600 calories. Today I was able to burn 700 in Kenpo, but its my junk food day… I ate a bunch of nachos and hot wings. I have noticed that since eating honey in lieu of sugar, I don’t crave sugar really. On my “cheat day” I feel horrible also eating junk food. I am a lot more tired on junk food day. I weighed 217 yesterday which is 19 pounds less than when I started. I definitely feel like I am losing fat and gaining muscle.

After (2.5 mo.):
After (2.5 mo.):
After (2.5 mo.):

OK I’m Finished! Summing up my P90x…
I feel way better, I’ve lost around 20 pounds. It was pretty hard to stick with it, but managed to do it. My junk food day was Saturday, but managed to stretch it into Friday night and Sunday. I highly recommend p90x to everyone. I learned that Tony horton is a high energy, amp’d up, crazy dude! He managed to motivate me on a DVD. I am going to start again, because I feel like I want to continue the program. What I like most is… there is no guesswork about what your doing next… the entire workout is laid out for you everyday. So for people like me that need someone to encourage and tell them when to do something, Its Great!


November 27, 2008

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